Vichem Co., Ltd. combines a high level of marketing and consulting capability with expertise in the management of large and complex defense and industry programs to produce unmatched solutions in communication and electronics system, as well as in specialized digital signal processing and data acquisition.

  Since incorporation in 1990, the company has developed its overall capabilities and today is heavily involved in communication and electronics system sales and marketing. This blend of service capabilities has enabled the company to become one of the best defense-oriented companies in Taiwan.
Products provided by Vichem Co., Ltd. cover a wide spectrum and meet the industry and military standards in equipment specifications, manufacturing practices, quality assurance and program management. Vichem Co., Ltd. employs a staff of professional managers specializing in marine communication, radio network management, spectrum monitoring, aviation communication and digital signal processing and data acquisition.
Vichem Co., Ltd. was found to address the critical need that government agencies and industry customers for higher level of technical services in electronics and communication fields. The company is now well funded by investors and is putting its business management teams in local defense and industry market.
Vichem Co., Ltd. has established partnerships with leaders and innovators in the electronics and communication industry to ensure that we can provide the best quality product and the highest level of service to our customers. For more information about our partners, please contact

Communication Associates
New communication vulnerabilities materialize everyday. System and technologies to provide proper communication from these new threats are also evolving rapidly. Vichem Co., Ltd. has joined with the leading electronics and communication manufacturers to ensure that Vichem's service fully support new requirement and customer's need.
Our Communication Associates shares information about their products to enable Vichem to enhance our capability. In turn, Vichem shares information on vulnerabilities gained via our intelligence team to help partners improve their product sales in Taiwan.

Service Partners
Enhancing your critical business information required an integrated management approach that includes communication, control and command. Vichem's service ample your ability to response to incident.
Our Service Partners provide a full range of services including baseline design, policy development, risk assessment, communication architecture design, implementation services, command and control response and risk reduction.

Dozens of organizations rely on Vichem's service, brainpower  
  @and technical support. Many of them prefer not to be identified
@ publicly, however they can be categorized in different nature of organizations,
@such as defense, Industry,telecommunication and technical research.
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